Email Signatures are FREE Advertising


An often overlooked, but extremely important part of an e-mail is the signature block. Your e-mail signature should be the final section of each e-mail that you send. It acts as an information and marketing block that provides pertinent and important information about you or your company. Most of all it's FREE advertising.

As a REALTOR you may be using the Realtracs web based email. If so, the image below will apply to you. If you are using Outlook, scroll down to the next set of images.

When you log into your Realtracs email you will see a menu item called "settings". The settings section will look like the image below. Notice the signature section. If you already have a signature just make sure your web address is part of it. If your signature is empty take a few minutes to take advantage of the ability to advertise your website to everyone you send an email to.

If you are using Outlook to manage your email go to the "Tools" menu, then "Options..." You will get a window similar to the image below. Click on the "Mail Format" tab at the top then on the "Signatures..." button at the bottom.

Below is an example of a signature in Outlook. Customize it how you choose. You can use the "Insert Hyperlink" icon on the right of the box to create an active link to your website.